Construction, historical savoir-faire

SATRI SAM, a reference for construction and renovation

Construction is one of Groupe Marzocco’s key businesses, thanks to the formidable savoir-faire of SATRI SAM. This general building and public works contractor was founded in the 1980s and has successfully worked on a series of prestigious, immaculately finished construction projects. Deeply attached to values such as quality, safety and the environment, SATRI’s widely recognized team of 70 is also capable of coordinating and working with all other contractors. In Monaco, the company has developed tailor-made projects that reflect the Principality’s elegance.

Construction : panorama of the construction projects

Flexible and attentive to the interlocutors, SATRI has built exceptional buildings that are part of Monaco's heritage and landscape. Individuals or public customers, variety of styles... the construction company meets all requirements.

2013 - Principauté de Monaco

13-19 avenue Pasteur

Les Tamaris’s three, white and grey, seven-storey blocks, lit by blue windows, welcome 63 modern and elegant public-housing units. Solar panels providing 50% of the building’s hot-water needs for washing and the plant wall’s high-performance irrigation have contributed to Les Tamaris being awarded HQE (environmental high quality) certification.

2013 - Principauté de Monaco

Place du Canton

With 68 public-housing apartments, photovoltaic production capacity, roof-garden terrace, kindergarten, offices for the Principality’s fond précieux, and a community centre, L’Hélios is a building resolutely turned towards the future. The complex also benefits from HQE certification, the highest environmental rating in its sector.

2013 - Principauté de Monaco

15 rue Bel-Respiro

This majestic 2,600m2 residential building with its roof terrace is ideally situated. The turquoise ceramic balustrades on its facade make it immediately recognizable, an Art Nouveau element complemented by cornices and cast-iron railings with exclusive designs. Its exterior elegance is matched by the four apartments spread over six floors in which every detail of interior decoration has been designed with precious finishes.

2012 - Principauté de Monaco

Quartier de la Gare

In the heart of the Principality of Monaco, Îlot Rainier III, as the project was originally known, is an exceptional property is an exceptional project built by a consortium of businesses, including the Groupe Marzocco. The entire complex is divided into four buildings of nine or ten storeys containing 257 public-housing units, 752 parking spaces for light vehicles and 360 for motorbikes. The site is filled with plants and built with a respect for the environment unprecedented for such a large complex in Monaco. It was certified “Extremely high-energy performance for housing and the environment 2015” by French association CERQUAL, and HQE (environmental high quality). The project also created 1,400m2 of commercial space, and a pedestrian link, by lift and underground gallery, between the esplanade and the Fontvieille Shopping Centre.

2008 - France


This luxury apartment block with contemporary design containing 12 apartments and a villa sits on a 1,500m2 plot. Each interior and exterior detail of this exceptional project was carefully considered. The light-filled apartments, with their large bay windows, are a showcase of restrained design and beautiful materials, for example. A magnificent creation that blends beautifully into its exceptional setting in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.

1999 - Principauté de Monaco

9 boulevard de Suisse

With this nine-storey residence, the Groupe Marzocco and SATRI created a new model for luxury apartments, where refinement goes hand in hand with space and services. They invented a new standard: a real-estate offer better suited to the new lifestyles of its demanding clientele.

1997 - Principauté de Monaco

20 avenue Princesse-Grace

Situated on the seafront, neighbouring Larvotto beach, this conference centre was built on the site of the old Sea Club complex. With 10,000m2 of floor space spread over five floors, the building has a nautical theme thanks to light green mosaics in the indoor pool, ceilings that recall rolling waves, and a monumental staircase in blue granite from Bahia. The glass-covered facade was designed to guarantee exceptional light levels. In the main exhibition hall, the reinforced-concrete, open-plan, pillar-free structure was a major challenge for SATRI.

1992 - Principauté de Monaco

11 boulevard de Suisse

Villa de Rome was inspired by the villas of Antiquity and marked a turning point in the history of the Groupe Marzocco. Behind its façade of mouldings and pink Portuguese marble columns hide extremely spacious luxury apartments. When built, Villa de Rome was break from the norms of Monaco real estate. Its new offer was better adapted to the Principality’s clientele and a new stage in the Groupe’s development.

1983 - Principauté de Monaco


The Groupe Marzocco undertook in Fontvieille the construction of three buildings artistically named Michelangelo, Botticelli and Donatello, one developed directly. Each comprising an 8-storey superstructure with a total surface area of approximately 17 000m2 and an underground level with a total area of approximately 6 000m2. All these buildings embody the attention to detail, desire to innovate, and dedication that are close to the Groupe’s heart.

2009 - Principauté de Monaco

Construction of this elegant building in its peaceful environment was driven by a desire for excellence. A number of details reflect this quest for the exceptional, such as cast-iron balcony rails and the bas-relief friezes that crown the top floor. This nine-storey building, which contains luxury apartments of varying sizes and two prestigious duplex apartments, is the perfect embodiment of Groupe Marzocco’s know-how in elegant and human-scale construction.

1997 - Principauté de Monaco

This modern, nine-storey luxury residential building sits in La Condamine neighbourhood, opposite the port. Its apartments, from studios to duplexes, are hidden behind a superb curtain-wall façade dressed in Italian Mascia stone. For many years, this building housed the Groupe Marzocco’s headquarters, before their move to Tour Odéon.

1997 - Principauté de Monaco

This high-class residence situated in eastern Monte-Carlo is recognizable thanks to its modern, refined and contemporary design. Its facade of curtain walls and Rosa Levante marble cladding hides three levels of basement, a ground floor and 10 storeys of apartments from studios to duplexes, all of which are bathed in light thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows.

Renovation : focus on our iconic projects

Knowing how to reinvent a building while considering its environment, the site’s history, and the clients’ desires is an art in which the Groupe Marzocco has proved itself an expert. Whether magnifying Belle Époque style, integrating apartment blocks into the Riviera landscape, reinventing luxury apartments and public buildings, the Groupe’s experts are always in search of perfection – better to respond to every need and desire.

2012 – Principauté de Monaco

37, boulevard d’Italie

This three-storey villa, which sits surrounded by a garden filled with Mediterranean plants spread over 900m2, was entirely restructured with, notably, the addition of two swimming pools.

2010 - Principauté de Monaco

10 avenue des Ligures

Complete renovation of two apartments located on the 8th and 11th floors in the building Palazzo Leonardo. the two apartments develop a total area of 920 m², including 200 m² of terrace endowed with a unique sea view. Each apartment offers six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, one living room, one kitchen and one dining room, and is developed with a modern and uncluttered style. Both apartments are fully equipped with a new generation technology and a centralized management system of all the technical equipment.

2009 - Principauté De Monaco

3 boulevard d’Italie

This historic villa of 391m2 underwent a complete internal and external renovation. Living room, bedrooms, and exercise room were redistributed over four floors for a functional, yet luxurious space.

2008 - France


This late 19th-century villa, originally called Augusta, is situated by the sea opposite the port of Beaulieu and the Gulf of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferret. On a plot of 2,000m2, its 700m2 of living space spread over four levels underwent extensive remodelling, while the house’s functionality was completely reconsidered. Service areas were made separate, while maintaining ease of movement between the different areas of the house. A grand staircase and a glass elevator were created on the east side and a service elevator on the west, allowing each level to be reached with perfect discretion. All technical equipment was changed to free up space and create extra rooms for a home cinema, a wine cellar, guest rooms and service rooms. Thanks to this complete internal renovation and the restoration of its facade, the villa rediscovered all its once-lost prestige.

2007 - France


This large villa and its annexes, spread over 900m2, were renovated to be restrained and harmonious. Its aged-pink facade blends perfectly into the garden’s Mediterranean planting. A unique property situated between the sky and the sea.

2005 - Principauté de Monaco

3 avenue d’Ostende

The Groupe Marzocco undertook both the renovation and commercialization of this early 19th-century villa. The aim? To marry harmoniously historic style and contemporary comfort. An extra storey was created and the 800m2 of floor space redesigned as a single dwelling. Every detail was reconsidered – facades were enhanced, a panoramic roof terrace added, rooms were reconfigured – to turn this building into an exceptional mansion.

2005 - France


Refurbishment of a large villa and its adjoining buildings comprising a surface area of 2,500 m². Situated at the tip of Cap Ferrat, this magnificent villa is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful properties in the region.

2004 - Principauté de Monaco

1 place Sainte-Dévote

This office building of 1,000m2 was completely renovated and reorganized. Its stone-clad facade was reworked to be even more elegant and interior spaces were reconfigured to house new decorations that used elegant materials.

2002 - Principauté de Monaco

Escalier de la Costa

The renovation aimed to give this 19th-century villa back its lustre. The house, which was entirely demolished but for three facades, now features a central core of a lift and a staircase. It was also made more accessible thanks to a pedestrian tunnel that links to the car park of a building on Boulevard Suisse. The mouldings and balusters were also renovated, while a balcony and terrace were integrated. The tiled roof was reconstructed to look identical to the original.